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Little Details I Observe

(Poem by Sophia Shapira)

The little details I observe
That others might ignore –
It’s my survival that they serve.
This, I must underscore.

Others they can just assume
And fly with what they’ve guessed.
But me, I’m given no such room.
I face a life-death test.

To cloud your eyes with likes and loathes
Is your sweet luxury –
But me, I must stay on my toes
And see things as they be.

And so I’ve studied every nook
And cranny I dissect.
Those who feel they know it more
Must have their views rechecked.

– – Sophia Elizabeth Shapira
– – 2012-05-01



  1. Hanna Shapira says:


  2. You have a great insight that others could learn from. I hope you continue to share you words as a gift to the world.

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