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The Ultimate in Bad-Boy

(Poem by Sophia Shapira)

For the amusement of the crowds
He’s given fangs of gleaming white.
And it depends on who’s the writer
What becomes of him by light.

Will he burn or will he blister?
Will he maybe just explode?
Or maybe he’ll just glitter
When the sun it’s rays unload.

Either way, the townsfolk hate him
If they know that he exist –
But the ingenue – she loves him
‘Coz he’s too cool to resist.

The ultimate in bad-boy
He’ll just get inside your head.
He’s the only one who gets you,
So oh what if he’s undead!

He’s still seductive even though
His heart it beats no more.
Of all the guys who come and go
He gets the highest score.

– – Sophia Elizabeth Shapira
– – 2012-05-05


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