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Childish Whispers in the Hall

(Poem by Sophia Shapira)

Childish whispers in the hall
Spreading rumors, big and small,
From the classroom to the stall.
The chain of gossip never ends.
Never caring who it hurts
Or the truth that it subverts
Or the lies that it asserts
Or how they’ll ever make ammends.

Why don’t they just get a life
Instead of making all this strife
With words that cut just like a knife
What they just don’t understand?
They act like it’s just all a game
For a mere fifteen minutes fame –
It’s really sad and really lame
What they think is oh so grand.

‘Coz they have no real, true friends –
Only jokers hand-in-hand.

– – Sophia Elizabeth Shapira
– – 2012-05-24



  1. Hanna Shapira says:

    I love it!

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