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New, Expanded Purpose of the Blog

I started this blog nearly ten months ago because someone suggested I publish my poems in a blog. Content, however, has been sporadic – partly because my poetic muse comes and goes – partly because I’m just not convinced that a WordPress blog should be my primary way of releasing poems to the world.

So am I going to close the blog? Or abandon the blog? No. Instead, I’m going to revitalize this blog by expanding it’s scope.

If I have a poem or short-story that I wish to release via a WordPress blog, it will still go here. But if I have something to say on the matter of news, politics, social concerns, or anything else — why should I create a new blog for that when I already have this blog?

Creating a separate blog for everything I am inclined to blog about will result in me having several blogs – none of which are regularly updated. Instead of spreading myself thin like this, I will just expand the scope of this blog from being a strictly literary-artistic blog to a general-purpose blog.

Wanna read just my poems without being bothered by my prose-style social commentaries? Well – fortunately, WordPress has the feature of allowing me to tag my posts by category – so I can accommodate this. (WARNING: This will only protect you from having to read prose-form non-fiction social commentaries. Poetically-structured commentaries will still go into the “My Poems” section and fictional ones will still go in the “My Fiction” section.)

As for the name of the blog – that I’m not changing. True, the name was initially picked when I thought the only thing I’d be posting here would be poems and short-stories — but after thinking, I decided the name is just as suitable for a general purpose blog.

Anyway – until next time —



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